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the web designer’s Notebook

Web Designer's Notebook

Welcome to the web designer’s notebook! We try to feed web designer’s with a relevant source of information relating to web design and development. Enjoy!

Design Trends March 26th, 2010
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Inspiring Web Typography

web typography leeds If one aspect of design has suffered most in it’s translation to the web, it is the art of typography. For years, web typography involved little more than choosing a typeface and font size.

However, some designers are proving that times are finally changing! With the advent of better screen resolutions as standard, coupled with CSS giving designers more control, 2010 really could be the year that web typography takes off.

Good typography is just as important on a web page as it is in any other medium. The fact that it appears on a computer screen and not on a piece of paper is immaterial; it should still be pleasing to look at and easy to read.

Right so that’s the theory‚Ķ! But in what ways are we seeing typography take it’s rightful place in the pecking order when we design for the web?

HUGE typography

The increased control designers have over the web medium means we are seeing designers apply old concepts that they’ve learned from print design and applying to web design, in the right way.

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

Serif Fonts

Display technology advancing coupled with a better font rendering engine on IE7+ has seen the web world become less afraid of using ‘non-safe web fonts’ in design. At last the serif font has been unleashed!

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

PNG Layered Text

The (still too slow!) decline of browsers that don’t support PNG files and the new easy CSS3 opacity functions has led to more designers playing with layering. Although there is not much of it about yet I think you will see a lot more in 2010.

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

Embossing or Letterpress

The trend that has become commonly known as ‘the letterpress effect’ has managed to make its way into a range of web designs. The effect itself is often added to text headers and buttons, giving an inset or embossed appearance.

web typography leeds

web typography leeds

web typography leeds


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Anon rabbit blogger
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Anon rabbit blogger
2 Nigel

I think that the layering you speak of is VERY exciting! It takes typography to a new level on the web. Excellent!

Anon rabbit blogger
1 Kelly Watkins

Nice post,
Given how important typography is in design, I’ve always been surprised at how slow support for the medium has been on the web. It’s still not as developed as I would like for html fonts but at least it’s finally getting better.

Good job on the site guys ;)

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